Wove Band Flexible Wearable

Oct 22, 2015

Category: Tech

The world’s first flexible display wearable will hit the market in 2016, in the form of the Wove Band.

The band is made from Polyera’s patented Flexible Thin-Film Transistors, so that the band can be bent without breaking. The entire band can be rolled up without causing issues with use, essentially functioning like those snap bracelets but on the high-tech spectrum. It uses E Ink technology, so it lasts long while still being able to display a number of things on the screen, such as weather forecasts, news headlines, email notifications, and even different patterns. The company has noted that the system could potentially work with OLED panels for full color video playback, but they haven’t begun working on the technology yet. Pricing for the E Ink version has yet to be announced, but we will undoubtedly hear more as we get closer to launch. [Purchase]

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