Worx Switchdriver

If you’ve ever done any moderately extensive work on your house, you probably know the value of good power tools. They’re excellent for saving time and can save you a fair amount of frustration, as well. A drill, for instance, can make short work of any hole-boring or screw-driving endeavor that would otherwise take much more effort and energy. And, while they are tremendously helpful tools, they do have their drawbacks. When it comes time to change out a twist bit for a driver attachment and back again, the swapping can get quite tedious and put a damper on an otherwise quick job. That is, unless you have the Worx Switchdriver.

This cordless 20-volt power drill, which comes with two MaxLithium rechargeable batteries, functions much in the same manner as its high-end counterparts – with variable 2-speed gearing, 1/4″ quick-change bit chucks, and electronic torque control – except for one very distinct and handy feature: dual chucks situated on a rotating platform. With just the push of a button and a twist, you can switch between two different bits, eliminating the need to slow down in the middle of a job. That means you can get the work done twice as fast and with half the hassle. And you can have one of your own for just $90. [Purchase]

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Worx Switchdriver 2

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