Worksport’s Innovative TerraVis Is A Solar-Charging Cover For EV Pickups

With their aerodynamics-improving, gas-saving functionality, tonneau covers are already eco-friendly truck accessories in their own right. But for all their benefits, they leave a lot of untapped potential on the table. Enter Worksport, a Canadian tonneau cover company with an eye for innovation.

Dubbed the TerraVis, the newest product from Worksport is a folding truck bed cover featuring a cutting-edge solar charging and storage system. It relies on an array of solar panels fitted to the topside of the cover which takes in the sun’s energy and stores it in the removable batteries located in the bed below. Capable of storing up to 1,000W of usable energy — funneled through a 4kW AC inverter — the TerraVis is good for anything from campsite setups to on-the-job power supplies. But that’s not all — in the event of a natural disaster, the cover also makes for capable crisis response. Built with a pair of 110V outlets, you’ll never be without power in the field. Once funding is secure, the TerravVis tonneau cover will release in the next 1-2 years, with support offered for the host of EV trucks hitting the market soon.

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