Word 2017 Standard Memorandum Notebook

In a world perverted by technology, there are a number of good reasons to keep an analog record book. Not only is the written word easier to remember, but – in the case that technology fails – it’s a more reliable means of documentation. And you can reflect on it in the future. You’re also more likely to stay on track with your day-to-day goals if you keep a record of your progress. For these reasons and more, Word. Notebooks offers their Standard Memorandum Daily Record Book.

Inspired by early 1900s pocket notebooks and featuring the very same dimensions, these USA made journals are meant to chronicle one full year of your life. Just like its predecessors, 64 pages fill the 2017 edition – all of which are useful in one way or another. Pre-printed calendar pages make up the bulk of it, but there’s also an index sheet (for noting important entries), identification pages (for your personal specs), and a 5″ ruler on the inside front cover. A protective Bison leather cover – with an optional 3-letter free-of-charge-monogram – is also available. Get a 2017 Standard Memorandum Daily Pocket Notebook today, starting at just $11. [Purchase]

Word Notebooks The Standard Memorandum 2017 01

Word Notebooks The Standard Memorandum 2017 02