Woolrich Edition Four Wheel Campers

If you’ve never tried heading out to the great outdoors with a pop-up camper attached to your truck, don’t knock it. These unique vehicle attachments hit that sweet spot between tent-pitching and full-blown glamping. Sure, it’s not as rugged as the former and has fewer amenities than the latter, but it also offers up a good deal of comfort while still requiring you to practice a bit of your outdoorsman skills. And now that legendary outdoor brand Woolrich has teamed up with the Four Wheel brand (the industry leader for nearly half a centry), there’s even more reason to get on board.

And that’s the real trick: getting on board. These campers – which come in either a slide-in or flat-bed format – are loaded with some excellent amenities. That includes some of Woolrich’s signature fabrics (including dual-sided upholstery for both warm and cold weather), sleeping space for 3-4 adults, and a dinette with a built-in sink and stove. Each version comes in either a Fleet, Hawk, or Grandby model; is built to order; and will cost you somewhere between $36,595 and $43,995. But only 100 of each will ever be made, so act quickly. [Purchase]