Woolet Smart Wallet

It’s amazing how even misplacing your wallet – let alone losing it – produces some kind of hideous, churning, From Justin to Kelly feeling in your stomach. If Woolet, a so-called “smart wallet,” can prevent that feeling from ever creeping in again, it’ll be well worth the price.

With built-in tiny sensors that synchronize with your smartphone, the goal is to let you know anytime you get too far from your valuables. Choose a distance between 20-85 feet, and your phone will ring as soon as you eclipse that mark. Your phone also automatically records the last location it saw your Woolet, and you can receive alerts when you leave your phone behind as well. The self-charging wallet is just 9.9mm thin, made with durable leather sourced from local suppliers, and comes in black and classic suede. It currently works with iOS and Android devices. [Purchase]