The World’s First-Ever Wool-Insulated Cooler Is Also 100% Recyclable

It’s not often that we see some novel innovation in the world of coolers, but Wool Street certainly has a special product on their hands in the new The Wooly cooler.

As the world’s first wool-insulated recyclable cooler, The Wooly is fully constructed from environmentally-friendly materials that can either be recycled, reused, or composted. The cooler itself is crafted from stainless steel and aluminum and features a natural rubber gasket — all of which can easily be recycled. The insulation is 100% natural wool, which can be composted at the end of the cooler’s life. Finally, the cooler’s lid doubles as a bamboo cutting board that can be repurposed as a standalone unit. But it would be a while before you’d need to think about recycling The Wooly, and while using it as a cooler you’d be treated to features like a hose-ready drain, a sandwich tray, a 52-quart capacity, a 100-lb. weight limit, and the aforementioned bamboo cutting board atop a tackle box-style hinged opening. The Wooly cooler is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, with a minimum $175 contribution required to snag one for yourself.

Kickstarter: $175+

Photo: Wool Street