Wool Sneakers by Baabuk

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Style

Inspired by the traditional Valenki shoes made popular in Russia, the team at Baabuk set out to build a footwear label using silhouettes made from nothing but sheep’s wool. And after plenty of research and development, the brand came up with the Urban Wooler sneaker.

Using the wool from 300 New Zealand sheep, each shoe is felted with one piece, using no seams or stitches. And while this is a more complex construction process, it offers up a warmer and more comfortable sneaker, growing only more comfortable with each wear. The 100% natural shoe also boasts water repellent properties in addition to its natural anti-bacterial abilities, doing away with the need to wear socks. It’s also worth noting that the wool construction makes the shoes seven times more durable than cotton. These kicks are hand made in Portugal, and are available in a handful of colors. [Purchase]

Wool Sneakers by Baabuk 1

Wool Sneakers by Baabuk 2

Wool Sneakers by Baabuk 3

Wool Sneakers by Baabuk 4

Wool Sneakers by Baabuk 5

Wool Sneakers by Baabuk 6

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