Wool & Prince Button- Down Shirts: No Washing For 100 Days

Wool and Prince Shirts

Wool and Prince ShirtsSeeing that we hardly ever wash our jeans, it’s only natural that someone would eventually fill that void when it came to button down shirts. Enter New York based start up clothing brand Wool & Prince, a brand that claims to have created a shirt that needs no maintenance (washing, dry-cleaning, ironing, you name it) for up to 100 days.

Crafted from specially processed Australian sheep wool, these super soft shirts have been tested by the founder Mac Bishop, along with several “street testers.” After 100 days, the shirt remained in the same state as the first time it was put on, and it didn’t smell or wrinkle. The shirt does all this while still remaining completely breathable, and most importantly comfortable. For $98, these odor free, wrinkle resistant button downs are an essential to any man’s wardrobe.