Woodman’s Pal Military Fixed Blade Knife

Don’t let the strange design of this tool fool it; it’s not some avant-garde “hipster” blade. No, this axe-machete hybrid dates back as far as 1941, when it was designated the LC-14-B by the U.S. military. That’s right, this oddly shaped chopping and cutting device was originally issued to American soldiers in the Pacific Theater during the second World War. Now, you can get this incredibly versatile tool for yourself.

Similar to its sister blade – the 481 – this version features a 10.5-inch carbon steel blade that measures just 1/8-inch thick. It even measures the same hardness: a Rockwell C47. This one differs, however, in two distinct ways. First, it features a 5-inch soft leather handle grip that’s comfortable in both cold and warm weather. It also features a knuckle guard that protrudes from the blade’s tang and is, therefore, made of the same super durable and corrosion resistant high carbon steel. This unique, military-tested, USA made tool is priced at $108. [Purchase]

Pro Tool Industries 284 Woodman's Pal 01

Pro Tool Industries 284 Woodman's Pal 02