Woodman’s Pal Classic Axe

Since 1941 outdoorsman looking to clean up their land of unwanted brush and foliage have turned to the Woodman’s Pal Classic Axe. Made in the USA, so you know it’s the real deal, the 16 1/2-inch Classic model weighs about 1.5 pounds, making it a packable and easy hand-held option in the bush.

Since comfort if key as well, Woodman’s Pal outfitted each axe with a 6-inch Ash Hardwood Handle made to snugly fit your hand. Coming in about a 1/8-inch thick, the High-Carbon Steel Blade is hardened to Rockwell C47, providing enough strength for cutting without losing its edge. In fact, branches and wood up to 1-inch thick don’t stand a chance as this blade slices through them with a singe stroke. And to top it all off, the Classic’s unique sickle hook cuts through just about any stubborn vines and briars around your property. Prices start at $72. [Purchase]