Woodford Reserve Just Released Its Oldest Bourbon Whiskey To Date

With a history dating back to the early 19th century, Woodford Reserve has a long and rich history in the bourbon business, including a plethora of noteworthy industry innovations over the American distillery’s more than 200-year-old existence. To celebrate these tipple triumphs, Woodford Reserve has been producing top-shelf, limited edition bottles as part of its Master’s Collection for the last decade and a half. Just ahead of the 2020 holiday season, the Shively-based brand has revealed its latest addition to this elite lineup with the aptly-named “Very Fine Rare Bourbon.”

This year’s entry pays homage to the future of the company, as well as its past, with the VFRB focusing on the Kentucky outfit’s current Master Distiller, Chris Morris. Produced in small numbers, this new drink is composed of several bourbons that date back to 2003, which in addition to being the year that Morris was appointed to his current position at the company, also makes this Woodford Reserve’s longest-aged offering in all of its 208 years of operation. Boasting a 45.2% ABV (or 90.4 proof), the VFRB is described as having a “burnt sienna” hue, a nose of brown sugar, caramel, vanilla-cured tobacco, and chocolate, a taste of honey, apple peel, and cloves, and a long sweet, malty, and fruity, finish. Available now, the Woodford Reserve “Very Rare Fine Bourbon” is priced at $130 a bottle.

Purchase: $130