Wooden Whiskey Tumblers

The Wooden Beer Mug we posted about the other day had us looking for a wooden vessel for our stronger beverages, and now we’ve found one: the Wooden Whiskey Tumbler by The Royal North Company.

When you need a drink on the go, in a place that isn’t quite suitable for glass, the wooden whiskey cup is there to the rescue. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, or sipping Journeyman Ravenswood Rye alone in your cabin. These tumblers are made from a single piece of Canadian maple, and they’re finished with natural oil derived from plants. They’re coated with a mix of alcohol, water and fluid resistant hard gel to make sure that your drinks won’t damage the wood. Each tumbler has RNC etched on the bottom of it, so you know who to thank for your favorite new liquid vessel. A set of two is available now for $95. [Purchase]

Wooden Whiskey Tumbler 2