Wooden Beer Mug

Sure, you could drink your beer from the bottle or whatever beer glass you have in your kitchen cabinets, but how many people can say they’ve taken a drink from a wooden beer mug? With this mug by Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, you’ll soon be able to.

It’s made entirely in the USA, with wood sourced from purpleheart, maple, poplar and walnut in the U.S. The wood is crafted into a gorgeously designed mug that looks unlike any we’ve seen before. Each mug has an ergonomic feel, with a finger hole at the top for added comfort. The beer mug is then treated with an FDA approved epoxy to seal it entirely, meaning it won’t spring a leak while you’re drinking from it. The mugs are available now starting at $70, with prices reaching $140 for the mugs made from purpleheart. [Purchase]

Wooden Beer Mug 2

Wooden Beer Mug 3

Wooden Beer Mug 4