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Immerse Yourself In Nature Without Leaving Home In The Wood House 2.0

Photos: Filippo Bolognese

Using an existing ecosystem for inspiration when designing a new building is a fundamental philosophy employed by architects all over the world, even if the new structure is not in the firm’s own backyard. Deriving influence from the natural fauna and topography found in the woods of Long Island, Marchi Architects of Paris brings us the Wood House 2.0, a modern dwelling seamlessly integrated into its natural surroundings.

Following the gentle slopes of the lands unaltered terrain, the rim-shaped residence is constructed with smooth-finished concrete and an ample helping of slatted wood cladding, giving a touch of warmth to the ominous exterior. A fully landscaped courtyard adorns the center of the estate, while the interior facing glass walls continue to push the boundary of where the living space meets the organic world, giving residents a persistent view of the raw world around them. Capped with a parking area that is accessed by a spiraling ramp, this is a design fitting for Bruce Wayne himself.

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