Wolverine 1000-Mile Original Sneaker

From the makers of the 1,000 mile boot, Wolverine – a name that means something in the outwear world – comes a slightly more casual version of the extremely rugged boot. Though there’s little “casual” about trekking for 1,000 miles, the Wolverine 1,000-Mile Original Sneaker is lighter, more flexible, and still tough as nails.

The perfect shoe for the proclaimers, (or Vanessa Carlton) you can walk 500 miles (and 500 more) in these incredibly rugged sneakers, and still look damn good. With an upper made from Tumbled Essex leather from the Horween leather company, and a bright white Vibram outsole, these sneakers are handsome and great for any occasion – even if that occasion happens to be trekking the John Muir Trail. Built to be ultra comfy and ultra lightweight, this is the first sneaker to feature in the 1,000 mile collection, which Wolverine has carried since 1914.

Purchase: $285