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Wishlist Recap: The Best Holiday Gifts For Men

The perfect men’s gift is as elusive as a unicorn being ridden by D. B. Cooper. The things you give might be good, they might even be great, but they’re rarely perfect and the things you receive are usually very nice, but do they reflect who you are? Do they capture your essence? Are they something you didn’t even know you wanted until you held it in your hand? Probably not. That’s why we came up with The Wishlist – the absolute best holiday gifts for men. Because shopping is hard and trying to politely thank someone for a mediocre gift is harder. We know your heart is in the right place and that you want to give someone the best. We just put the best within your reach.

Our wishlist holiday guides are as different as the dudes they represent and are custom-tailored to the passions of the receiver. As shopping days dwindle, here’s a recap of each of our 8 wishlists so you can find that improbably amazing present, even if you’ve waited until the last minute.

The Handyman

Handyman Gifts 2014
The fixer, the builder, the mechanic, the DIY dynamo, this guide was made for the man with the plan, the blueprints, and the tools to get any job done. This is the man with callouses on his hands who knows everything there is to know about joists and gables. He’s pulled you out of more home improvement disasters than you can count and is the only one who knows where your fuse box is. His is the path of practical knowledge and invaluable pragmatic wisdom such as “don’t stick your key in the light socket.” Let him know that you respect his skills and can help lighten his workload since you know you’ll need him the next time your pipes start making that noise. Read More >>

The Technophile

Technophile Gifts 2014
Here’s the guide made to light up the LED heart of the most gadget-friendly guy you know. He can speak to machines in their strange binary language and back when there were VCRs, his never just blinked 12:00 on an endless loop, but held the actual time. Not every device is going to make sense to the layperson, but all of them are sure to put a little extra RAM in this guy’s port – in a good way. From saving his data to connecting his legion of devices, we’ve got your hookup. We’ve found items for the media junkie, the computer tech, the geek, and all the gadget geniuses in between. Read More >>

The Chef

Chef Gifts 2014
A man’s gotta eat, but this one also needs to cook. He’s a wizard with a spatula and a maestro with a mixer. The world of food is his to command, but he could always use a little more help. We’ve found spices from faraway lands and appliances that are decidedly close to home so that he can execute every recipe without missing a single beat. Whether you’ve got a meat master who lives to grill or a baker elbow deep in flour one of these gifts is sure to make his dough rise. These guys might be murder on your diet and are sure to help you pack on more than a few holiday pounds, but after a couple of bites, you won’t care. Read More >>

The Athlete

Athlete Gifts 2014
This guy knows all about Crossfit, has a whole pantry full of supplements, and will challenge you to a race to the top of a mountain. He’s insane when it comes to sports and fitness, but is also the best motivation you could ask for. He’s the all running, all jumping, all climbing human machine and while he’s just as happy doing push-ups, outfitting him with the right kit will let him stay active and avoid injury in the years to come. Our wishlist covers every different kind of fitness fanatic from the die-hard gym rat to the trekker who wants to jog from sea to shining sea. Read More >>

The Outdoorsman

Outdoorsman Gifts 2014
When the bombs drop, the government dissolves, or the dead rise from their graves, the outdoorsman is the hard-core nature survivor who will be ready. He thinks Bear Grylls is a candy-ass. He knows every decent trail worth hiking and can find idyllic camping spots seemingly at will. We’ve compiled everything he needs to help test himself against the elements and thumb his nose at mother nature, all while enjoying the splendor that the great outdoors provides. Show him that you respect his nature-boy attitude, and he’ll make sure you don’t accidentally eat something that will kill you the next time you’re wandering in the wilderness. Read More >>

The Mixologist

Mixologist Gifts 2014
He might have been a party fanatic who just couldn’t get enough booze and while you once thought he had a problem, you now know he just had a very unique passion. Mixologists like to entertain and they like to devise new ways to imbibe that makes something as simple as gin into a fantastical curative. With this guide you’ll be able to outfit him for his next bash, soiree, gala, or celebration with gear fit for a barman of epic standing. Keep the mixologist contented and he’ll make sure that your cup is never empty and your drinks are always stiff. We’ve found everything from the best bitters for his collection to mobile mixing tools that allow him to ply his boozy skills anywhere he goes. Read More >>

The Jetsetter

Jetsetter Gifts 2014
One of the hardest men to understand is the jetsetter. He’s a constant traveler who switches time zones the way most guys change pants. His passport is riddled with stamps and wherever he hangs his hat is truly his home. Whether just driven to wander or constantly on the move sewing up international business deals, we’ve found a whole heap of gear and gadgets that can take the stress out of travel and encourage this wayfarer to keep seeking the next place to conquer. Near, far, wherever these guys are headed, he’s sure to remember you the next time he’s shopping at some bazaar in Timbuktu and you’ll get that shrunken head or monkey’s paw you always wanted. Read More >>

The Big Kid

Big Kid Gifts 2014
Some people lament being all grown up with a life leaden with responsibilities, but not these cats. They don’t have arrested development, they just know how to have fun and make the most out of life. These are the practical jokers, the spontaneous souls who live out loud and suck you into games of every kind, wherever you are. They celebrate life and know that it is for the living. Help them find that youthful exuberance, since they are sure to help you locate your inner child for a game of HORSE that will leave you laughing like you haven’t a care in the world. With toys both simple and complex, we’ve made sure that there will be no cause for tantrums this holiday season. Read More >>