Protect Your Online Privacy With Winston’s Simple VPN Alternative

With the transparency of tech companies turning into an ongoing issue, the debate around online privacy has become all the more important. Conversations of tracking, advertiser targeting, and the solicitation of user information have become even more commonplace. In light of recent events, a handful of companies have sought to capitalize on the chaos — with Chicago’s Winston Privacy taking one of the first protective steps toward the future.

Winston’s newly announced Online Privacy Device is essentially a VPN, allowing you to scramble (and shield) your online activity with a simple, easy-to-use peripheral. The company’s minimalistic box can be placed between both your modem and router, allowing information and data being passed among them to become obfuscated in the process. In collaboration with over 30 other Winston units, your user information is routed to different locations and addresses, giving you peace of mind when it comes to invasive companies’ traditional tracking endeavors. As an additional line of defense, the Winston Privacy Device also blocks over 90,000 different ads, trackers, and phishing sources, helping to free up bandwidth and improve your overall experience while online. The device is available via the company’s Kickstarter page, with units starting at around $190.

Kickstarter: $190+