Winkler Tactical Cleaver

When it comes to outdoor-focused cutting tools, there are a lot of intimidating fixed blades out there. And while your average machete might get the job done, sometimes you need something a little beefier and more capable – like the WK Tactical Cleaver.

Created by Winkler Knives for a presumed complete badass in the Army’s Special Operations division, this beefy butcher-style blade features a monstrous full-tang 80CrV2 blade complete with a 7.5″ cutting surface and a reverse pick tip for piercing. The hefty handle is made from a combination of maple wood and leather wraps and it comes in a fast-draw Kydex sheath. Perfect for all outdoor applications (the tougher the better), you can get your hands on this monster hacker for $650.

Purchase: $650