This Smart Wine Cellars Features A 7-Axis Robotic Arm & An AI Sommelier

It typically only takes a few years before cutting-edge technologies begin trickling down to more mainstream production. And while AI-controlled computers and smart robotic arms are still out of the reach of most users, we’re now getting an early glimpse of these state-of-the-art technologies being applied to purchasable, at-home offerings with the reveal of Winecab’s smart wine cellar systems.

Marking the first time that a robotic arm has ever been introduced into a residential setting, the Winecab units are complete, freestanding wine storage systems with a seven-axis smart robotic arm and a built-in smart sommelier, as well as real-time inventory status and access to a live expert sommelier. Crafted from ultra-high-end materials and capable of storing up to 600 bottles, the Winecab units also boast high-end security features such as facial recognition software for unlocking, plus a built-in iPad Pro tablet acting as the Winecab’s touchscreen, and a bottom drawer that users can load bottles in and then have the robotic arm automatically organize and store. Produced in 6-foot, 11-foot, and 15-foot versions — plus a radius-walled Curio Classic variant — the Winecab systems are available now starting from $179,000.

Purchase: $179,000+