Windmill All Weather Lighter

If you ever find yourself in a situation needing the functionality behind a lighter of this magnitude, you best 1) make sure you check the weather before camping next time and 2) be thankful you made such a purchase. That’s because, with the Windmill All Weather Lighter, it’s the spark that may just save your life.

As the ideal backcountry torch lighter, the Windmill features a lightweight and sleek design free from any unnecessary bulk. Based on rigorous outdoor testing, the torch is able to withstand both 70-80 mph winds and bone-shattering temperatures of -40F. We searched far and wide and still couldn’t find a lighter with these specs. Though unless you were conducting research in the Antarctic, we don’t know why you would attempt to camp in these conditions. Regardless, its ingenuity is owed to the Japanese manufacturer who crafted the case out of full aluminum, added water-resistant o-ring seals, a piezo-electric ignition system and kept it at the perfect size for pocket carry. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece any outdoorsman can appreciate. [Purchase]