This Highly Modular Magnetic Titanium Multi-Tool Can Adapt To Suit Any Situation

Multi-tools date back to the times of the Roman Legion and have steadily evolved over the last few thousand years, so it’s extremely seldom that we come across a genuinely novel multi-tool design. Nonetheless, chances are you’ve never seen anything quite like this new multi-tool configuration: the Windeler Modular Titanium Multi-Tool.

This multi-tool is extremely versatile and can be equipped with whatever tools its user needs for the day via its neodymium magnet system. Using what its creator calls a “Tool Stack” system, the possible included components are comprised of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm hex keys, TX20 Torx driver, bottle opener/hook/glass breaker combo, spoke and valve tool, wax comb and stripper, 3mm hex key, flathead and hex fin keys, (drop point ) AUS-10 stainless steel-bladed Ti-handled “Wild Knife,” pry bar, (bicycle) chain splitting tool, and a regular Phillips head screwdriver — almost all of which are made from aerospace-grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V titanium and are plasma nitride-hardened, affording them an ultra-durable and non-corrosive hard molecular shell. Available for preorder on the Windeler Kickstarter page, the cheapest tool configuration, the Surf Stack, starts at around $50, while the Cycle Stack starts at approximately $51, and the Wild Knife starts at around $61.

Kickstarter: $50+