Winchester WWII Victory Series Ammo

Founded in 1866, Winchester Repeating Arms Company has been one of the leading firearms and ammunition producers in America for more than 150 years. Having produced ammo and weapons since the Civil War’s end, the company’s history is inextricably tied to American history itself. Their most recent ammunition box, called WWII Victory Series Ammunition, honors that relationship.

For the second world war, Winchester produced a total of 15 billion rounds for American troops. As a tribute to the 73rd Anniversary of VJ Day and the Allied Victory, Winchester will produce the same .45 ACP rounds used in WWII and package them in collector’s cartons and wood boxes, with images redolent of war-time iconography. Headstamped with period-correct M1911 emblems and made to the mil-spec FMJ load specifications of the time, these bullets are quite literally a blast from the past. Each bullet is 230 grain and launches from the muzzle at 855 fps, just as their predecessors did in the theaters of Europe and the South Pacific. Future releases in Winchester’s Victory Series will include commemorative .30 Carbine ammo, and brass-hulled 12 gauge bullets.

Purchase: $25+