Winchester ’94 Candy Vending Machine

Photo credit: Constantine Zlatev

Lever-action rifles certainly have their place in American history, specifically the American frontier in the late 19th century. Their lightweight body and low recoil made them an ideal weapon of choice for firing while on horseback. Now, artist Constantine Zlatez and Kostadin Ilov, a computer scientist at UC Berkeley, put a decommissioned lever-action rifle to good use, dispensing candy for all to enjoy.

Now, instead of discarding spent shells, pulling down on the lever arm releases a piece of candy from the chamber, where it is subsequently caught by a basket underneath the rifle, then releasing the candy to the interested sweet tooth. No pulling of the trigger is necessary, and everything is automated after insertion of the correct denomination of currency. Is there some subtext here, perhaps suggesting the effect candy has on your health? Maybe so. Whatever the case, it’s a unique and one-of-a-kind way to appreciate the mechanics of such a historic American rifle without heading to the shooting range.

Winchester '94 Candy Vending Machine 1

Winchester '94 Candy Vending Machine 4