Wilson Audio’s 9-Speaker 7′ Tower Is A Magnum Opus Home Stereo

There are speakers, and then there are the speakers made by Wilson Audio. Helmed by Dave Wilson — a man so dedicated to his craft, he’d be doing it even if it weren’t his business — all the things they make are more than just audio devices; they’re uncompromising and unmatched aural powerhouses. And their new WAMM Master Chronosonic speaker might just be the best they’ve ever built.

Based on Wilson’s very first concept, this fully-realized version of the WAMM stands an imposing seven feet tall and houses nine speakers for the utmost in clarity, accuracy, and really any other important measure. In fact, it’s the most time-domain correct loudspeaker in Wilson’s history — precise down to five-millionths of a second — which was previously only achievable in theory. According to the brand (and anyone who has ever heard this speaker rig), the only thing better than listening to what comes out of this tower is being there to see it live. Of course, this Magnum Opus does come with a very steep price tag of $850,000. But that’s what you pay for perfection.

Purchase: $850,000