This Weatherproof Heritage Messenger Bag Is Ideal For Travel & EDC

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Much to our chagrin, we’re often forced with choosing between things that are capable or those that look good, especially when it comes to carry-focused gear. And that makes those rare occasions when we can have both all the more enticing — which is exactly the case with the William Ross Weatherproof Travel Bag.

Crafted from a combination of American-made bridle leather, 24 oz twill woven wax canvas from Bridgeton, New Jersey, and galvanized brass hardware, this cross-body messenger bag boasts a heritage-level construction made to last for decades. And while that’s impressive enough, it’s aided by the fact that its materials also make it weatherproof — lending credence to its potential as both an everyday pack and a business travel accessory. Mate that to a carry-on-friendly format, space enough inside for all your essentials (including a 15-inch MacBook Pro), rain flaps, durable reinforcement points, etcetera, and it’s clear that the $342 price — which can be split up into four interest-free payments of $86 — is practically a steal.

Purchase: $342