Honeywell & Collaborated On A Tech-Loaded, Noise-Canceling Face Mask

With our new normal of facemask-wearing, we’ve seen a lot of innovation in the space over the past year. But we’ve never seen anything like the Xupermask, a super-advanced new face mask from tech company Honeywell, musician, and SpaceX Dragon Suit designer Jose I. Fernandez.

The Xupermask contains several innovations that make it the ultimate facemask. It includes a silicone face seal and an adjustable rugged elastic strap, providing an ideal fit for a wide range of faces while also being durable enough to be worn in any environment 365 days a year, according to Honeywell. Powered by a USB-C-charged 7-hour battery, the Xupermask features dual 3-speed fans and a HEPA filter for air filtration and enhanced breathability, LED day glow lights for a futuristic fashion statement, and even active noise-canceling earbuds. The earbuds also boast a microphone, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a clever magnetic docking system. Available in black or white/gray colorways, the Xupermask will be available to order starting April 8 for $299.

Purchase: $299