This 16-Year Russell’s Reserve Is One Of Wild Turkey’s Oldest Bourbons Yet

Having started his career at the distillery in 1981 as a humble relief operator, Eddie Russell quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Wild Turkey’s esteemed Master Distillers. Now with over 34 years of whiskey expertise under his belt, he’s credited with a number of notable projects, including the co-creation of the legendary Russell’s Reserve line.

Clocking in at 89.5 proof, this 2003 vintage was aged for 16 years inside the Tyrone warehouse, making it one of Wild Turkey’s oldest and most complex whiskies to date. What’s more, it means the last of Russell’s Reserve 107-barrel-entry-proof variety. On the nose, it features flavors of bright spice with notes of sugar, caramel, vanilla, and leather coming through. Finished off with oak and further sweet notes of caramel and vanilla, it makes for a bourbon that throws it back to 90s Wild Turkey releases. This rare and limited release will be capped at just 3,600 750ml bottles in the U.S. for $250 apiece.

Purchase: $250