Emergency Drinking Beer

Jun 21, 2017

Category: Vices

Combining the refreshing characteristics of a crisp summer pilsner with the tart-fueled joyfulness of a traditional Gose style beer, this is one craft option that will leave you wishing for an emergency excuse to drink it. That is if you haven’t guzzled down a handful of them already on a hot summer afternoon.

Brewed by Georgia-based Wild Heaven Beer, Emergency Drinking Beer is their low ABV answer to the seasonal “session beer” craze. Session beer, in case you’re unfamiliar, is an industry term for easy drinking craft beers that are on the lighter side – allowing the drinker to unapologetically throw back several without worry. In the case of Emergency Drinking Beer, refreshment is par for the course, thanks in part to modest additions of citrus zest, Portuguese sea salt, and lemongrass in the recipe. Save a six pack for the end of the world or throw some back by the pool when you’re in need for some “emergency R&R.” The choice is yours.

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