The Gyrock Is A Revolutionary Guitar With Cutting-Edge Tech

The first electric guitar was invented just shy of a century ago — dating back to 1933. And while there have been a lot of significant steps forward, there are some things that have remained largely unchanged. But one such aspect has just gotten a game-changing upgrade courtesy of French boutique brand Wild Customs and their revolutionary Gyrock guitars.

Crafted using traditional luthier techniques, these premium instruments are beautiful works of functional art marked by supreme craftsmanship and immense attention to detail. And they’re built from premium materials, such as top-of-the-line acoustically-sound woods, custom hardware, and more. But what really makes these guitars special is a proprietary pickup system — comprised of dual rotating drums set into the body of the instrument capable of housing three functional pickups each. With just the flip of a switch, those pickups will rotate into position on-the-fly, giving the instruments 15 different possible combinations for an absurd variety of tones. Yes, even in the middle of a song. Better still, the pickups are modular and interchangeable — meaning you can customize them to your sound of choice using any of the 10 that come standard with the guitar (including single coil, humbuckers, lipstick, P90s, and more) or you can have your own customized by Seymour Duncan. Essentially, that means that one guitar can produce the sounds previously only available from a full collection. Along with the guitar, loads of accessories, and an unbreakable case, these guitars sell for $16,000 each.

Purchase: $16,000