This Modular Watch Boasts A CNC-Machined Steel Case & A Suspended Dial

There’s no denying that the luxury watch space is inundated with busy, high-end models that take complexity to an entirely new level. In fact, the integral workings, and price points, of the genre’s most prominent examples are enough to push most fledgling buyers away. But now, California’s Wilbur has set out to create something a bit more approachable with the Launch Edition.

As the company’s first foray into the realm of high-end luxury, the 2020 Launch Edition looks to blur the boundary between one-of-a-kind timekeepers, and their more versatile counterparts, allowing buyers to customize and swap components at a later date. Built upon designer Jason Wilbur’s innovative nine-part watch architecture, virtually all of the watch’s CNC machined pieces can be exchanged for an alternative, making each of the limited-to-250 Launch Edition examples unique, in their own right. A hand-finished dial and 316 stainless steel case keep the Launch’s custom Japan Seiko movement protected, while a suspended outer dial adds a flair of prestige oft found in the genre’s most prolific variants. To round things out, buyers will be able to choose between a ballistic nylon or silicone bolt-on strap. Head to Wilbur’s website for more information, and keep your eyes peeled for an impending release.

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