Wicked Lasers FlashTorch Mini Flashlight

Please excuse the cliché but this flashlight provides superior evidence that big things do indeed come in small packages. It’s called the FlashTorch Mini, 40% smaller that the original FlashTorch but just as powerful. Seriously, this thing is no joke. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at the video below.

Built by Wicked Lasers, each Mini is machined out of military-grade anodized aluminum, and capable of producing a blinding 2300 lumens of white light. That’s more than enough to light up the way home, light a fire at the campsite, or fry up an egg in the morning without the need of a fire or stove. Each tactical flashlight utilizes Lithium technology and comes with three power modes including a lock-out mode to prevent unauthorized use. You can also recharge the batteries without having to remove them from the device and a full charge provides anywhere between 30 – 100 minutes of intense light. It’s the world’s smallest burning flashlight too, measuring in at just over 8.5 inches in length and weighing just under 14 oz. It’s available now through Wicked Lasers for $199. [Purchase]