Whoop’s Latest Fitness Tracker Is Smaller And Smarter Than Ever Before

Since 2012, Whoop has quickly grown to become one of the leading players in the fitness tracker market, sparking a data-driven training revolution amongst everyone from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes. And it’s not without good reason; between its low-profile design and its in-depth body measuring, the Whoop Strap is easily one of the most advanced wearables you can buy.

Never content to settle, however, Whoop has taken its already wildly successful formula and made it even more capable with version 4.0. For instance, it comes with an upgraded sensor that includes five LEDs and four photodiodes, a combination that allows you to capture more data, more accurately. As such, it can now measure blood oxygen levels and skin temperature in order to provide even better biometric feedback. What’s more, it measures some 33% smaller than before thanks to a world-first silicon anode battery from Sila. Top it off with a waterproof wireless charger — not to mention a line of Whoop-compatible smart clothing — and you’ve got a tracker that’s ready to jumpstart your fitness journey. Available now, you can subscribe on the Whoop website starting at $18/month.

Purchase: $18+

Photo: Whoop