WhistlePig’s Custom Handmade Glass Was Designed Specifically For Its Own Whiskeys

While WhistlePig whiskey would likely taste good if drunk out of an old boot, that’s not the best way to enjoy its subtleties. What is the best way to drink WhistlePig is from the company’s new Shoreham Whiskey Glass, which they developed alongside renowned glassmaker Simon Pearce.

Like all of Simon Pearce’s glassware, the Shoreham Whiskey Glass is handmade. It also features a unique shape that allows for the better enjoyment of high-proof whiskeys. While traditional whiskey glasses are ideal for nosing and sipping low-proof whiskeys, their wider base gathers too much alcohol vapor at the top of the glass for high-proof hooch. The Shoreham solves this problem by engineering a new shape that lowers the alcohol concentration at the brim, allowing sippers to more accurately pick up the scents of high-proof whiskeys without getting a blast of alcohol smell. The glass release coincides with the launch of WhistlePig’s second-edition 18 Year Double Malt Rye, the brand’s oldest expression, which comes in a bottle topped with a bespoke glass stopper from Simon Pearce. You can learn more about the Shoreham Whiskey Glass and the whiskey at WhistlePig’s website.

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