WhistlePig’s ‘Sasquatch Select’ Whiskies Were Aged In Rum Or Chablis

WhistlePig’s ryes remain some of the most elusive and sought-after whiskies on the market today, with a full-on buyer frenzy taking place upon the announcement of a new release. And it’s not without good reason — for with each expression, you can expect not only a richly-aged base spirit but also a bold experimental finish.

Given the scarcity of the Vermont-based distillery’s usual offerings, there’s something fitting about it calling its latest whiskies the ‘Sasquatch Select.’ Much like their namesake, they’re the stuff of legend — special single releases that’ll be gone so fast you’ll wonder whether they even actually exist. For instance, the Sasquatch Select #1 spent 12 years on the WhistlePig farm before being finished in Peruvian rum casks. At 86-proof, it’s a far cry from their usual barrel-strength blends, but it’s no less of a distinguished dram. And when it comes to Sighting #2, you’ll find a similarly aged offering; however, it’s seen some time in Chablis barrels for some added fruity complexity. They’re available for $150 at the link below.

Purchase: $150