This Whiskey Was Aged In An 18-Wheel ‘Rolling Rickhouse’ For 6K Miles

WhistlePig Distillery thrives on experimentation, routinely pushing the boundaries of what rye whiskey can be. Over the years, the Vermont-based outfit has produced all sorts of innovative expressions, including everything from Umeshu-aged barrel-proofs to special crowd-sourced blends. However, WhistlePig’s latest effort promises to be its most revolutionary release yet.

Dubbed ‘RoadStock Rye,’ it’s the world’s first-ever whiskey to be finished on the move. In practice, this means that WhistlePig aged the spirit in the back of an 18-wheeler — the ‘Rolling Rickhouse’ — for a 6,000-mile roundtrip to Calfornia, with half left in its original oak barrels and the other half put into Bordeaux casks from Jordan Winery. Along the way, the entourage made several stops, amongst them being a Prohibition-inspired track day in a whiskey-fueled Dodge Challenger Hellcat. But that’s not all; WhistlePig also traveled to Firestone Walker, where it transferred the rye into the brewery’s Imperial Stout, Imperial Blonde Ale, and Experimental Ale barrels for a return home. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, the bottle even features a tire-topped stopper to commemorate the journey. We can’t imagine that this one will last for long, so be sure to pick up a bottle while you can.

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