WhistlePig Launches Its First-Ever 100% Farm-To-Bottle Rye & Bourbon Whiskeys

Just last month, WhistlePig rocked the whiskey world with the announcement of its first-ever 100% farm-to-bottle rye. As the fifth installment in the Vermont-based distillery’s FarmStock line, it proved good cause for celebration. However, rather than keeping the whiskey to itself, Whistlepig instead sold it as part of a charity auction along with an all-expense-paid trip to Shoreham Farm.

But now, it’s going to be made available to the public. With the launch of its ‘FarmStock Beyond Bonded Rye,’ WhistlePig is finally bringing the expression to market. Distilled from 100% Remington rye before being aged and bottled at the requisite four years and 100.1 proof (to be considered a BIB) it makes for quite the monumental release. And the thing is — there’s more. Along with offering such a historic rye for consumer sale, WhistlePig has also crafted its very first bourbon whiskey. Dubbed ‘FarmStock Beyond Bonded Bourbon,’ it comes crafted from a blend of 51% Dent corn and 49% Remington and Rifle ryes that were harvested, distilled, and aged all on the farm. Like its rye relative, it’s also of the bottled-in-bond variety, so it too comes in at 100.1 proof with a four-year age statement. Limited to just 40 barrels each, you’ll have to head to the link below for more.

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