This Waterproof GPS Tracker Keeps Your Dog Safe Off The Grid

Your pet is part of your family, so investing in their well-being and security is an absolute necessity. Improving upon the previous iteration, the Whistle Go Explore GPS Pet Tracker will allow you to monitor your pet so he/she can join you on outdoor adventures.

Strapping the IPX8 waterproof Go Explore GPS tracker on your dog allows for real-time location tracking with AT&T and Google Maps, in case your furry friend gets lost outdoors. It also gives you escape alerts via app and text when your dog strays away from a designated safe area, a 24-hour timeline, so you can see who your pet was with at certain times of the day, and has a built-in light. To help keep your dog fit, this GPS pet tracker can analyze health issues by tracking scratching, licking, and sleeping habits. There are also fitness features, allowing you to track distance traveled, minutes active, and calories burned. And the battery lasts up to 20 days on a single charge. Invest in the Go Explore GPS Pet Tracker today for $130 and keep your fuzzy family member safe and healthy.

Purchase: $130