Whisker Dam Mustache Protector

Your perfectly groomed stash is a hit with the ladies, but when it comes to that frothy head on your favorite beer – well, that’s a different story. Shaving that gorgeous stache just isn’t an option, which is why the Whisker Dam was invented.

Not only does this thing do a stand up job at guarding your facial hari, it also looks damn good doing it. It’s hand built from 100% copper, and has been dressed with a timeless patina that’s sure to catch some extra attention. Crafted to perfection, the Whisker Dam has also been coated with a non-toxic barrier, and can easily attach to any pint glass with ease. With Christmas just over a week away, we’d be hard pressed to find a better stocking stuffer for the beer loving gent out there. And you’re in luck, because it’s on sale. [Purchase]

Whisker Dam Mustache Protector 2

Whisker Dam Mustache Protector 3

Whisker Dam Mustache Protector 4