Whiskas Catstacam: Wearable Cat Camera

Ya know, we were just saying the other day how social media needs more cats. Sure, there’s 18.6 trillion cat videos on YouTube, but where are all the cat POV photos on Instagram? Here they come.

From the folks at Whiskas comes Catstacam, a 1.5-ounce wearable collar camera that promises to automatically take pictures from your kitty’s point of view and then post them onto your cat’s Instagram account. (You cat does have an IG account, right? OK, just checking.) Six photos are snapped every minute, and that batch then gets uploading to Instagram when the device gets within range of your Wi-Fi. The camera package also doubles as a cat toy, as if this weren’t already an embarrassment of kitty riches. Celebrity cat owners are testing out Catstacams right now, but there’s no official word if us commoners will ever be able to enjoy this technological breakthrough. [Purchase]