Filson x Westland Unleash A Yukon Gold Rush-Inspired Single Malt Whiskey

Feb 14, 2020

Category: Vices

To be tough nowadays for most men means being able to trek off-the-grid, leaving the comfort blanket of smartphones and the internet behind, in a seemingly meager attempt to connect with roots that are now relics of bygone days. While this might appear to be the modern definition of rugged, Filson harkens back to a time when men showed real grit and their collaboration with US distiller Westland commemorates the pioneers of the Alaska Gold Rush with the Coldfoot American Single Malt Whiskey.

Being neighbors in Seattle, WA made this partnership a natural fit, with both brands having history steeped in blazing the American west, the first edition of the single malt whiskey will be produced in a limited run of 978 bottles that are sure to sell quick. Named in honor of Coldfoot, Alaska, a remote settlement north of the arctic circle that was known as the turn-around point for souls that lost their adventurous spirit and got “cold feet,” the whiskey embodies the craft tastes Westland is known for. In addition to the limited liquor release, Filson will also be dropping a collection inspired by the roughnecks that forged on to stake their claims, with custom graphics that illustrate what it really means to be tough.

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