WD’s Rugged ArmorATD Hard Drive Is Built To Be Brutalized

When you’re a content creator, one of the most important aspects of your job is the storage, security, and backup of your media files. Over the years, a handful of companies have created ruggedized variants of their top-performing drives, giving outdoor photographers, videographers, and creators a way to safely store their important files while in the field. Now, Western Digital has introduced the next level of outdoor media archival with the G-Technology ArmorATD hard drive.

Western Digital’s G-Technology ArmorATD is an all-terrain storage solution that’s been built with content creators in mind, gifting photographers (and videographers) with a powerful, weather-resistant archival platform. Boasting write speeds of up to 140MB/s, this speedy aluminum drive will keep your files secure in the face of rain, dust, and snow — while protecting your internal memory bank from falls up to 1.2-meters (or four feet). To round things out, 1000-pound crush-resistance ensures that your footage won’t fall victim to mishaps while on the job site. Pick one up now starting at $90.

Purchase: $90+