WESN’s Henry Is A Titanium-Clad Modern Take On The Slipjoint EDC Knife

In today’s world of race-to-the-bottom manufacturing and planned obsolescence, it can feel like genuine artisan goods are going the way of the dodo. This unfortunate reality would ultimately prompt Detroit-based designer, Billy Chester, to create his vision for an heirloom-quality EDC knife that he could pass down to future generations — eventually leading to the inception of WESN in 2017. And this proclivity for craftsmanship is on full display in WESN’s newest offering, the Henry.

This elegant folding knife features a Sweden-sourced 2.35” Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade with a silhouette that falls somewhere in-between a drop-point and sheepsfoot. Enveloping the blade is a 3” handle with titanium scales (complete with a paracord attachment point at the bottom) mated to dark Cherrywood inlays. The non-locking slipjoint Henry maintains WESN’s tradition of producing blades to exacting standards — though this time the boutique outfit has employed a more classically-styled, gentlemen’s knife design than found in any previous offerings. WESN has yet to reveal pricing or an official release date for the Henry, though interested parties can sign up to be notified of its launch on the company’s website.

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