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This Smart Cycling Helmet Has Built-In Solar-Powered LED Lights & Indicators

Cycling has proven to be a viable alternative to motorized vehicles for a calmer and more collected commute, offering benefits to health, wellbeing, and the environment. As the medium faces a more substantial future, new riders have decided to pick up a bicycle for the first time, leading to increased congestion on the roadway. As such, WertelOberfell has set out to design the helmet of tomorrow — known as the ESUB Tracks — for prominent protection during your daily ride.

The ESUB Tracks helmet integrates all-new smart features, high-quality materials, and self-sufficient systems to keep it at the ready. While many conventional models mimic or replicate the designs of old, this unique example was contrived through a collaboration between designers, material scientists, material suppliers, end-users, and manufacturers — illustrating what the next-generation of protective equipment might look like, should it place an emphasis on intuitive architecture. The helmet’s design comes courtesy of its flat printed organic photovoltaics, which allows for ample recharging when exposed to the sun. This pairs with a set of premium leather-bound piezoelectric bone conduction speakers, enhancing awareness with vibrating sensors and that provide haptic feedback when a vehicle is near. To round things out, a self-adjusting fitment system provides personalized safety features for every size, shape, and style of head. Head to WertelOberfell’s website to learn more.

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