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This AI 3D Scanner Can Diagnose & Price Any Car’s Damage With 99% Accuracy

Since 1996, OBD-II ports have given mechanics and vehicle owners a quick, easy, and automated means of running diagnostic tests on vehicles, and despite the system existing for close to a quarter-century, relatively little headway has been made in the automation of bodywork and exterior component and running gear diagnostics. French tech outfit, weproov is now changing this reality with the introduction of what it calls the “proovstation.”

Looking like a futuristic automatic carwash, the high-tech carport boasts views vehicles from 360-degrees, scanning the exterior of a vehicle using 600 photos from more-than two-dozen AI-backed smart cameras. Sophisticated software then assesses the potential damage prior to calculating a repair cost estimate. Also capable of generating insurance reports, this futuristic auto gadget is said to be over 99% accurate and is touted as being able to mitigate the costs typically involved in body damage assessments by as much as half by removing the human element. Europe’s British Car Auctions recently revealed that it’s slated to soon start utilizing several dozen of the proovstations for future auction vehicles starting this month. Like ODB-II ports, proovstation is looking to become the global standard in body and exterior vehicle diagnostics.

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