Wedgewood SR-71 Blackbird Ring

One of the cool things about wearing wood rings is that they have a real feeling of history to them. The grain of the wood tells a kind of story, each line and mark is part of a tree’s life, crystalized. Or at least that’s why the folks at Wedgewood say they love working with wood rings.

It makes sense that a ring-maker who is so interested in the story behind the materials he uses would jump at the chance to use a piece of an SR-71 Blackbird during his build process. Using Titanium sourced from the ejector nozzle of a Blackbird provided by retired Air Force machinist Dan Freeman, Wedgewood Rings machined a beautiful combination of military grade titanium and wood. As if having a piece of one of the most famous war-planes on your finger wasn’t cool enough, the inner portion of the ring was sourced from the deck of the USS North Carolina (BB-55), the most highly decorated warship from WWII’s Pacific Theatre. This specific ring isn’t for sale, but the brand offers a bevy of options through their online store. [Purchase]