Weber Workshops’ Onyx EG-1 Is An Industrial Grinder For Coffee Fanatics

If you’re an avid denizen of the artisanal coffee shop, chances are, you’ve dreamt of having a similar setup within your home. As it turns out, Weber Workshops is bringing that dream one step closer to reality with its handsomely-designed Onyx EG-1 — an industrial coffee grinder that’s equal parts innovative and obscure.

The Weber Workshops Onyx EG-1 Coffee Grinder is an exercise in futuristic design. It boasts a substantial silhouette that looks like it might be pulled from one of our favorite science-fiction movies and utilizes a magnetically-mounted CORE burr set for more intuitive breakdown and cleaning. If you’re a fan of the specialty coffee trade, this thing will work wonders for your morning routine, optimizing your time through the simplification of any single dosing workflow. Not too excited about the prospect of the CORE set? The brand also offers an ULTRA burr for pour-over aficionados and the BASE burr for a “bimodal grind” that’s similar to a conical grinder. Head to Weber Workshops’ website to pick up one your own (with a complementary full-grain black leather tamping mat) for $3,495.

Purchase: $3,495