A Former Apple Product Designer Is Behind This Pro-Grade Salt Grinder

You’ve probably never really considered purchasing a salt grinder, let alone spending hundreds of dollars on one. But once you see the Weber Workshops Moulin Salt Mill, you’ll be prepared to spend everything you’ve got just to get one in your kitchen.

Hyperbole aside, this really is a pretty incredible device. Designed by former Apple product designer and engineer Douglas Weber, who previously worked on both the iPad and iPhone, the Moulin Salt Mill is Weber Workshops’ salty version of their Moulin Pepper Mill. It boasts a sleek modern design and high-end materials, with zirconia ceramic burrs & bearings and corrosion-resistant construction that was designed specifically for salt. The Moulin has an external dial with a ridiculous 50 settings so you can fine-tune your grain, milling everything from powder salt to finishing salt to coarse grain salt. The device’s lid is even locked in place by neodymium magnets, officially making this the most delightfully-overengineered salt grinder ever. The Weber Workshops Moulin Salt Mill is available for a preorder launch price of $200 through email signup, with prices likely to soar above $300 post-launch.

Purchase: $200+