Weber’s SmokeFire Series Combines Wood Pellet Grilling & Smart Tech

When it comes to all-encompassing smokers, Traeger has maintained a firm stranglehold on the market for the past few years. As the quintessential standard for everything BBQ related, the company has seen its fair share of contenders vying for the throne of perfectly-smoked meats; but now, they’ve finally met their match with Weber’s most recent offering, the SmokeFire Series.

Weber is a household name when it comes to outdoor grilling essentials, and with an expansive catalog of appliances, platforms, and utensils to make you the unquestionable pitmaster, they’ve fostered a reputation as one of the industry’s most accessible brands. Now, they’re looking to challenge Traeger’s claim to the smoke-filled genre with both the SmokeFire EX4 and EX6 — a pairing of capable BBQ-oriented bruisers that call upon the company’s tried and true expertise. Both feature a durable porcelain-enameled finish to battle against outdoor elements like rust and peeling, while a set of proprietary “Flavorizer Bars” help to battle against uneven cooking temperatures throughout a range of different edible items. Each smoker stays within the golden range of 600-degrees, allowing meats and vegetables to sear and smoke to your heart’s content; but, if you desire a different cooking style at any time, you’ll be able to turn to the company’s built-in Weber Connect app, which monitors and surveys temperatures, times, and other variables to give you step by step instructions on how to cook the perfect steak. Check out the SmokeFire Series on Weber’s website for $999+

Purchase: $999+