Weak Knees Sriracha

It’s not secret we’re fans of hot sauce. In fact, we consider the necessary condiment holier than thou for almost every meal. So when a new brand of hot sauce -Sriracha in this instance- comes around we can’t help but notice our mouths begin to water in pure Pavlovian response before giving it the good old taste test.

The Sriracha in question here is Weak Knees by Bushwick Kitchen. Handmade by the mustached-adorning youth of Brooklyn, each bottle pairs the iconic sweet and spicy chili flavors of classic Sriracha with the complex fermented profile of gochujang chili paste. It’s called Weak Knees for a reason – because it’s unlike any Sriracha you’ve ever tasted. Dab up a breakfast sandwich, douse a charbroiled hamburger, or spice up that casserole for a more exciting dinner. It’s the hot sauce that doesn’t discriminate, no matter what time of day. Bushwick Kitchen also offers additional honey and maple syrup options for the interested palate as well. Available now for $10. [Purchase]

Weak Knees Sriracha 2

Weak Knees Sriracha 3